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The use of social media has grown as an essential communication tool for e-commerce. To be effective, a clear understanding of the impact of information on viewers should be reached. This research investigates the impact of the different type of information on Facebook, i.e., detailed information, interactivity information and persuasive information, on the level of trust. Based on experiment design using an eye tracker device, we find that detailed information and interactivity information have a positive and significant effect on trust. Therefore, information about the product and promise for quick response to the question are critical to be included on a Facebook page. To be effective, the Facebook page should display a visual post with information about the product and a promise for a quick response attached to it. In this way, the Facebook page will receive high attention from the viewer and the possibility of the message reach its intention becomes bigger. Hopefully, this strategy will help businesses in designing their Facebook page and ultimately improving their performance.


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Understanding of the impact of information on viewers