Rancangan Perangkat Lunak di Bidang Keuangan untuk 
membantu UMKM menganalisis Keberhasilan Usahanya
Nama Peneliti (Ketua Tim)

Budhi Prihartono

Ringkasan Kegiatan

The success of running a business is not enough to only be measured based on the profitability. There are many other important (financial) aspects which are also need to be considered in carrying out a business. This computer software is designed to help/ facilitate business people, including MSMEs in understanding the various health aspects (finances) of their business as stated above, easily and quickly. The existence of this computer software will free up/ take over the tasks of tiring and complicated financial calculations which is usually done manually, before the results can be presented, interpreted, analyzed, and concluded. Users only need to enter the data they have (both profit and loss data; balance sheet data; cost data; future assumption data, etc.), then the entire subsequent calculation process will be taken over / carried out by the computer software and is presented in an integrated output display so that it is easy to be immediately interpreted, analyzed, and concluded.


Penerapan Teknologi Tepat Guna, Penerapa Karya Seni/Desain/Arsitektur/Perencanaan Wilayah

Testimoni Masyarakat

Complicated financial calculations which is usually done manually.